Detoxification – Lymphatic Stimulation

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is responsible for one-fourth of your body's detoxification each day. This makes the skin one of your most important elimination organs and keeping it stimulated is vital for good health.

Himalayan Salt-Stone Skin Toning is a simple 5 minute technique that ex-foliates the skin and improves circulation keeping the pores open and encouraging your body's discharge of metabolic wastes. The result is not only the improved ability to combat bacteria but healthier skin and a healthier body. When you tone your skin with a salt-stone you also stimulate your lymphatic system which carries toxins and wastes away from your cells and into your elimination system. Himalayan Salt-Stone Skin Toning is an excellent way to take charge of your health.

Benefits one might experience from Salt-Stone Skin Toning include: General tightening of the skin, dissolving cellulite, removing dead skin (mild ex-foliation) and increased cell renewal. It also stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluid which improves exchanges between cells and glands and that keeps all body systems performing at peak efficiency.

Himalayan Skin Toning Salt-Stones are made from salt crystals found deep below the Himalayan Mountains. They are carefully mined and crafted by hand to preserve the natural structure of the crystals. These toning stones are naturally sterile and germ free. Simply rinse and dry off immediately. Keep them dry and away from hard surfaces where they might be dropped and crack. They may also be used as a natural “soap” or “deodorant”.


Skin Toning is carried out on dry skin by brushing lightly with your salt-stone. Start at your feet and work upwards, brushing the legs, then buttocks, then on to the chest and stomach and finally the neck. Brush more gently where the skin is thinnest and always brush towards the heart.

Take the skin toning salt-stone and begin with the sole of your right foot. Use firm, rhythmic strokes to cover the sole several times. Next, brush the top of your foot, brushing up towards your ankle. Then go on to your lower leg, making sure you cover the whole surface - shin and calf. Always brush in an upward direction towards the heart.

Then brush the area from your knee to the top of your thigh. Make sure you cover the whole area several times, using long, rhythmic strokes. Brush your buttock area as far as your waist. Now repeat the whole procedure on your left leg, starting again with the sole of your foot. Starting from the top of your buttocks, and always moving in an upward direction, brush the whole of your back several times all the way up to your shoulders.

Next, brush your right arm. Start with the palm of your hand, move on to the back of your hand and then brush from your wrist up to your elbow, always in an upward direction and ensuring that the whole surface of your skin is brushed. Brush your upper arm, working from your elbow towards your shoulder, again covering the whole surface of your upper arm.

Repeat on your left side, starting with your hand. Then, very gently, brush your abdomen, brushing in a circle, always in a clockwise direction. Cover the area several times but with less pressure than on your arms and legs. If it feels uncomfortable, stop and go on to the chest.

The neck and chest are very sensitive areas, so, again, brush very gently here. Don't forget under your arms. Always work towards your heart. If the salt-stone is too hard on your neck, don't brush there. Stay away from your face as the skin is too sensitive. When you're finished take a warm shower. You may use your skin toning salt-stone instead of soap. You may also end your shower with a cold water rinse for a more invigorating result.

Remember if an area feels uncomfortable or the skin is compromised in any way, do not brush in that area and always brush toward the heart.

Note: The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If under medical supervision, or pregnant, it is recommended to consult your physician before use.

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