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If you've seen an orange crystal salt lamp on display at your local spa or noticed pink salt in the isle of the health food store, then you've encountered a health trend that has been reaching health-conscious people in America for decades. American consumption and use of Himalayan salt has been on the rise as more and more people catch on to the value of this mineral rich alternative to iodized table salt and sea salts. Today, Himalayan salt products are marketed in a number of forms all of which are meant to impart the biochemical benefits of the salt in different ways. Read the articles below for more information on the many uses and benefits of Himalayan salt.

Healing Benefits of Himalayan Salt
Himalayan salt is mined from salt deposits found at the base of the Himalayan
mountains. These salt deposits are the remains of primal sea beds compressed
over time under the enormous pressure of the emerging Himalayan mountain
range. Preserved under pressure, the minerals from the primal sea have fused
with the crystalline structure of the salt. Not only does the salt contain within
its structure information about the primal world, but it also offers its consumers
health benefits from the 84 trace minerals made bioavailable by its superior
crystalline structure. The salt has a general adaptogenic effect on the body, meaning
it promotes homeostasis and equilibrium by addressing the body's most pressing
needs. Introducing the salt into your life will promote deep relaxation, reduce
inflammation, improve quality of sleep, improve nervous disorders, and contributes
towards an enhanced sense of wellbeing. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Salt Lamps
Himalayan Salt Lamps are more than decorative light-sources. They also act
as air purifiers and negative ionizers, and can boost the health of those who
enter its radius. Himalayan salt is naturally hydrophobic, meaning it attracts
water to its surface. When the salt is warmed by the bulb in the lamp, the water
attracted to it evaporates, taking with it molecules of the salt and the
accompanying trace minerals. These anti-bacterial salt molecules help keep
a space clean and fresh, while the minerals in the salt offer an immune boost to
anyone breathing them in. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Bath Salts
Pristine Himalayan Salt can transform an ordinary bath into a
restorative spa experience! The 84 trace minerals found in the
Himalayan Salt becomes available to the body transdermally
in a warm bath. Excellent for detoxification and restoration, a
Himalayan Salt bath takes away what is bad and replaces
it with healthy, life-supporting minerals. The perfect treatment
for bruised or damaged tissue, a salt bath will improve circulation
and reduce inflammation. For information on how to prepare
a Himalayan Salt Bath CLICK HERE.

Brine Solution
Our bodies are made of 70% salt water solution. Salt is necessary for
cellular communication, without it we aren't able to function properly. A balanced
level of salt and water in the body contributes towards a greater level of body
efficiency, allowing one to retain more water, digest food more effectively, and
easily remove waste from the body. When our system is out of balance with too
little salt we will feel tired and unenergetic. Luckily brine, a simple salt and water
solution, is easy to procure and effectively manages your salt intake. Taking just
one teaspoon a day of brine solution is enough to shift your body back into its
natural state of salt-water equilibrium. To learn more about brine solution,

Skin Toning
The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Not only is the skin able to
absorb chemicals and minerals for use in the body, it also is responsible for
expelling heavy metals and toxins through discharge through the skin's
pores. It is important to keep the skin stimulated and the pores clean for
efficient dermal functioning. Himalayan Salt Stone Skin Toning is a
technique developed to improve dermal functioning through exfoliation
improved skin circulation. To learn more, CLICK HERE

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